Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Washed Grade 1

- Chocolate, flowers (rose) and a touch of liver
- Strawberry
- Clean and Crisp with lemon and tea notes

Probably is Adado my favorite micro region within Yirgacheffe. Stone fruit, and lots of it, is the predominant flavour profile of the area. Apricots and peaches with supportive circus and floral higher tones come together in a delightful cup.

These are the words of our friends from Café imports, who has been dealing this fantastic coffee to us.
The plateau where they picked up this coffee goes up to 2400 meters high!

The Adado Cooperative washing station in the southeastern Ethiopian highlands is one of the best in the country.

The people, living in the Gedeo Zone, south of the capital Addis Ababa, are considered to be a culturally and linguistically distinct group. They are bordered by the Sidama in the East, the Alaba in the North, the Burji in the West and the Guji in the South. All of these groups belong to the Eastern Cushitic speaking people, who traditionally occupied the upper reaches of the Rift Valley escarpment in northern Sidamo. Today the Gedo Zone is one of the most densely populated parts of Ethiopia and the main production area for the world famous Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffees.

This is the information I got with the coffee I bought two weeks ago. It’s nice to know where my coffee came from and I have to admit, it tastes so good! 

If you also want to taste this coffee, go visit Caffènation in Antwerp or buy some coffee on their website, like I did.


slow carb


Slow wat? Slow carb diet. 
Om jullie snel duidelijk te maken wat ik de volgende maanden ga doen en zonder daar veel woorden aan vuil te maken, hieronder alles in een notendop:

- Enkel (mager) vlees en groenten eten
- Geen ‘wit’ voedsel (brood, aardappelen, pasta, rijst)
- Geen fruit eten
- Geen suiker
- 1 ‘cheat-day’ per week, op die dag eet ik alles wat ik wil

Simpel. Maar niet makkelijk.
De komende weken ga ik meer info over dit ‘dieet’ (wat een verschrikkelijk woord) geven. Als je echt niet kan wachten, dan raad ik je aan om The Four Hour Body van Timothy Ferris te lezen.

Wish me luck!